• 'Tom can talk about photography as though he understood its soul and its reason for existing.'
    Maggie Steber, Independent Documentary Photographer
  • 'Tom is inspiring in attitude and outlook and is an extraordinary forward thinker.'
    Marina Zarya, Freelance Visual and Audio Storyteller
  • 'Tom really cares! I can’t thank him enough for the encouragement and guidance he has given me.'
    Joanna Pinneo, Freelance Photographer
  • 'Tom Kennedy is committed to bringing the best out of creative people.'
    Ed Kashi, Photographer, Filmmaker, and Educator
  • 'Tom Kennedy gave us assignments when our newspaper was dying. His trust helped us grow.'
    Randy Olson, Independent Documentary Photographer
  • 'Tom offered frank criticism and sensitive guidance to me at a critical time.'
    Charles "Stretch" Ledford, Assistant Professor of Journalism, University of Illinois
  • 'Tom has the unique ability to view the world from both on high and in the trenches.'
    Lynn Johnson, National Geographic Photographer
  • 'Tom's leadership inspired us to shoot great images which reflected our readers' interests.'
    Carla Hotvedt, SILVER IMAGE Photo Agency Owner and Photographer
  • 'Tom is a thought leader in visual communications who has had a profound impact on the industry.'
    Patrick Davison, Photojournalist and Fulbright Professor
  • 'Few people have influenced my way of thinking about photography as much as Tom.'
    Bob Miller, Photographer, Filmmaker, and Multimedia Storyteller
  • 'Tom gave me an assignment on freshwater issues that changed the future direction of my work.'
    Peter Essick, Environmental Photojournalist

Tom Kennedy is a pioneer in the multimedia industry, producing and editing visual stories that have earned worldwide recognition, many awards, and peer respect. He provides coaching, portfolio development and project editing services to individual visual journalists, while also consulting with corporations and non-profit organizations seeking to improve their visual storytelling.  He also teaches for universities.